A custom illustration is a thoughtful and unique gift for so many occasions! A first house, a wedding, anniversary/ birthday, Christmas, Mother’s/ Father’s Day, a housewarming gift or preserving the memory of a childhood home. And for real estate agents, a perfect closing gift for a client.




“We love our home portrait! Jennie created a perfect replication - there’s something so special about having your home painted with such care and attention to detail. We recently had it framed and It makes me smile each time I pass it in the hall. Jennie was a breeze to work with and sent her finished product well within the time she quoted. I would highly recommend this as a special gift for friends or family!” ~ Jeni M.

“We absolutely LOVE our custom illustration/painting of our sweet home in Ohio. We have it hanging right in our entryway and every time I walk by it, I feel a sense of warmth and pride about our family's first home together. From the tall backdrop of trees in our backyard, to our beautiful bright red front door, the artist really captured every detail that we love about our home - her skill and artistry is BEYOND. I'm so happy that we will have this to give to our children one day as a remembrance of the house they grew up in. This truly is a treasure!” ~ Jacquie M.

“Jennie created the most amazing painting of my home. It was a gift for my wife on the 10 year anniversary of the day we bought the house. It was a winner! And, my sister and I recently sold the house we grew up in. Not an easy transition. So for Christmas I asked Jennie to create a painting of my parents home. I could not be happier! She captured the love and warmth that I remember so well. I know my sister will cry when she sees it! Thank you Jennie!” ~ Paul G.

“We are overwhelmed by the beauty and artistry of the painting of our home. You did a perfect job capturing the angle and perspective of the house and landscape. We will treasure it always.“ ~ Cheri G.